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CI Financial

Web Design, Design System

We built a robust design system, leveraging AEM core components, unifying CI’s broad portfolio of 6 brands and empowered internal teams to own online content management and publication. To create visual consistency, we applied unique styling based on each brand's style guide to serve the individual needs of each site.

Documentation Domination

Designers, developers, and authors collaborated closely to ensure that technical documentation was accurate and complete during each site launch. Design mockups outlined where and how each component was to be used. The developers then took these mockups and use them to build the website's infrastructure. At the same time, authors created the website's content, which included company descriptions, blog posts, and other written material.


As the websites came together, the team reviewed each component and provide technical documentation that described how it worked, how to modify it, and any dependencies or limitations. This documentation was crucial for ensuring that the website was maintainable and scalable over time, as new features are added and the site evolved to meet changing needs.


High-fidelity and reusable site components created


Templates designed to be used across all sites


Websites developed under the CI umbrella using the design system


Years start to finish on all site design and development

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