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GM Energy

Creative Direction, Web Design, Component Library

GM Energy needed a website to help introduce their new energy brand as well as their Ultium product suite. With such a tight timeline, we got creative and used existing components to build the templates and help move the project along. We worked with internal teams to shoot new photography and create an overview video for the homepage hero space, all with the goal of creating something fresh and innovative within technical and time guardrails.

Working as a Holistic Team

Collaboration within internal teams, client stakeholders, and external vendors was vital for the success of this project. There were tons of moving parts and timelines to keep track of. There needed to be buttoned up communication between teams in order for assets to be delivered on time for the website. Keeping the client in the loop was essential for maintaining transparency and trust as we designed and pivoted as the project ebbed and flowed.

Outcome & Learnings

Our team worked with an external agency to author all the pages and the site rolled out on time. As the team rolled out the pages, I remained an active part of the QA process and worked with the authors to ensure our vision for the site was implemented. A very important action that was taken from this project was continuously coming back to the user and business goals in order to best write content and design a website that was user and experienced focused.

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